Custom Enclosure Solutions

Ventech Systems design and manufacture standalone outdoor enclosures capable of handling environments all over the world.

By developing a unique thermostatically controlled circulating and external ventilation unit installed as an integral unit within the enclosure Ventech have proven themselves to be the ‘go to’ team specifically for stand-alone industrial enclosures and data cabinets housing heat sensitive electronics and electrical equipment often including batteries.

This scientifically proven patented technology has been created to optimise the performance of housed electronics and batteries in a wide variety of locations and conditions, including remote off grid and extreme cold.

Ventech’s systems are versatile economical and extremely energy efficient. By harvesting natural resources we are able to promote an eco friendly environment.

To get the best results from our venting systems, we provide complete electronic cabinet/enclosure solutions customised to your unique environmental conditions and equipment needs.

Our cabinets are:

  • Versatile – adaptable to cater for any electronic equipment and battery requirements
  • Secure – with no external fixings or extending parts, using an enclosed door with 4 or 5-point closing mechanism and protected lock
  • Robust – depending on local conditions there is a choice of Polycarbonate, Stainless Steel, powder coated sheet metal, Polyester, or Aluminium

Plus you get the benefits of our unique circulation and venting technology:

  • Keeps steady temperature – allowing electronics and batteries to give optimum performance through seasonal weather variations
  • Reliable – by virtue of simple robust ‘off-the-shelf’ components and fail-safe default
  • Clean – using fine-grade filtering to keep equipment near-spotless
  • Economical – saving electronics & battery costs without expensive aircon

Final enclosure design is influenced mainly by:

  • Equipment size in rack units (RU)
  • Heat output of equipment
  • Ambient air temperature range at site


Cabinets are insulated with a thermal insulation material made from Polysafe, an environmentally-friendly Polyolefin foam – to control heat loss, condensation, noise and vibration.


The outer cabinet is accessed by key entry and has no external screws or fittings. This provides a secure environment for your equipment.

EFOY Methanol Generator Enclosure

Introducing an enclosure design that meets all of the New Zealand safety standards for the methanol fuel cell system. This enclosure will be located near the Homer Tunnel in the milford sounds. And it will be submerged under snow for many of the winter months every year. We are excited to bring this unique system to the market and will be designing and fabricating many more like it.

Mt Wainui Enclosure

Enclosure that was fabricated for Tait Mobile Communications, this was heli lifted into a remote part of the tararua forest.

Orongorongo Enclosure Install

An enclosure that we fabricated for Tait Mobile Communications installed in the Orongorongo Forest Park

Campbell Island Enclosure

Weather monitoring enclosure fabricated for metservice that was installed on the Sub Antarctic Campbell Island, south of New Zealand

Wellington Regional Council Enclosure

Small enclosure built for Wellington Regional Council Water Control

Compact Switchgear Enclosures

The architect wanted a specific colour on these enclosures to make them inconspicuous.

Switch Gear Enclosure With Galvanised Plinth

This enclosure was fabricated for Excel Switchgear to house thier electrical equipment.

Videre Surf Lifesaving Repeater Cabinet

This is our very first custom Metro Aluminium Cabinet designed and fabricated by Ventech Systems.

Dove Communications Metro Enclosures

Metro Enclosure Fabricated for a radio repeater site.


Designed to withstand 800mm of snow fall and keep equipment and batteries protected and functional.


W600mmXH600mmXD600mm aluminium enclosure with gear mounting rails.


Enclosure to house communications equipment to take radio into rural areas.


Custom sized polycarbon cabinet fitted with Ventech’s patented airflow system.


Custom sized aluminium enclosures for the power industry.

Ventech Systems are committed to creativity, innovation and exceeding client expectations. Contact us to find out more.