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Venting Systems

Most cabinets either vent passively – risking extreme temperature variation, or they don’t vent – using expensive and power-consuming aircon systems.Our unique innovative circulation & venting technology opens and closes a vent automatically to control heat flow in an enclosure.

  • Keeps steady temperature – allowing sensitive and expensive electronic equipment and batteries to work at their maximum performance levels and last longer – despite seasonal weather variations.
  • Reliable – by virtue of simple robust ‘off-the-shelf’ components (vs complex aircon) and fail-safe open state to avoid over-heating, until an alarm is picked up by your operational staff and a site visit can be carried out. Life expectancy is based on the mechanical components, but if these are replaced the venting system will outlast the enclosure.
  • Keeping everything clean – your equipment stays near-spotless by virtue of our chopped-fibre mat filter that excludes virtually all dust particles, right down to 10µm.
  • Energy efficient – with simple components instead of a power-consuming aircon/ heat pump system
  • Saving you capital outlay – with the stable narrow temperature range, lower capacity batteries are sufficient (because they stay in better condition longer); and lower spec electronics (less thermal resilience required), while avoiding expensive aircon systems
  • Reducing your running costs – by not having to run an aircon system, less maintenance site visits are required (especially important in remote places).

Specialist models

We offer two versions of the venting system for different environments…

The ‘Metro’


For cabinets and enclosures in outdoor or remote areas where equipment rooms are unavailable or undesired – for non-extreme environments

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The ‘Alpine’


For cabinets and enclosures in extreme environments

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How our venting system works

Our venting systems protect electronic equipment from large environmental/ambient temperature variations. They have been put through rigorous environmental chamber testing, allowing us to fine-tune them to work over a broad range of climates.

The vent is thermostatically controlled to open or close subject to:

  • The internal temperature of electronic equipment to be protected: TP
  • Desired temperature set point for electronic equipment: TSET
  • Outside ambient temperature: TAMBIENT

Open state

When TAMBIENT or TP is high, the vent opens. Outside air is drawn in and passed through the cabinet, over the battery bay, then exhausted back out. Because there is no refrigeration (aircon) component to this system, TP cannot be below the ambient temperature.

Closed state

When TAMBIENT is low, the vent closes to retain as much internally generated heat as possible (keeping TP as high as possible), and the fan circulates the air to avoid equipment ‘hot spots’.

Fail-safe state

In the unlikely case of power or venting controller failure, the vent reverts to Open state to avoid over-heating until an alarm is received and a site visit done.

You can see operational diagrams on the Metro and Alpine model pages.

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