Chiller Door
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Scientifically Proven Design

Our airflow systems have been put through rigorous environmental chamber testing, allowing us to fine tune them to work over a broad range of climates.

Characterisation of Operational Behaviour

These equipment cabinets are intended to protect electronic equipment from large environmental temperature excursions. In high ambient temperatures the system is vented to reject heat. At low ambient temperature the system closes its vent (thermostat control) and retains as much internally generated heat as possible.

Idealised Behaviour

It is instructive to specify the theoretical performance limit of these units. The temperature of the component that is being protected will be referred to as TP and it is this temperature that governs the thermostatic control state. The user set point for the thermostat control is referred to as TSET and the ambient temperature as TAMBIENT.

Open State:

The performance limit at high ambient temperature or when the housed equipment is generating a lot of heat is determined by the venting system. In this “open state” the vent is open and the rejection fan is on. Air is drawn in from the ambient heat reservoir, is passed through the equipment cabinet, over the battery bay and is exhausted back into the ambient reservoir. Because there is no refrigeration component to this system TP cannot be below the ambient temperature.

Closed State:

With the ambient temperature below the desired level the vent closes and TP is kept as high as possible by retaining the internally generated heat. In this state the vent is closed but the small circulating fan in internal equipment continues to circulate air within the equipment chamber. If the insulation was perfect and the level of internally generated heat was sufficient to maintain any desired temperature then in this ideal mode of operation, the venting system would regulate the temperature by oscillating between the Open and Closed states.

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