Rittal Enclosure Systems

rittalRittal Limited are the largest supplier of enclosure systems in the world. They have been in New Zealand since 1995 and within just two years of being established in the Land of the Long White Cloud became New Zealand’s number one supplier of enclosure technology.

Rittal have a huge stock range in New Zealand and mainly supply to the market with standard product Ex Stock right from Enclosure Systems, Electronic Systems, Enclosure Climate Control, Power Distribution, Data Communication, Outdoor Enclosure Systems and System Accessories.
However, occasionally it becomes necessary to make modifications to their enclosure systems to suit some markets sensitive needs. Rittal are fortunate that their systems are flexible enough to handle such modifications. It is necessary that these modifications are completed to satisfaction and comply with the stringent codes of compliance set under the Rittal Quality Assurance as governed by their ISO certification.
To this end Rittal have the backing of Ventech systems who complete much of the modification work and System builds.
Ventech systems have played a major role in developing an airflow system which allows both warm and cool airflow to be circulated around the enclosure keeping the enclosure within the correct temperature parameters required for the equipment within.
This has proved tremendously successful for the Data Communications Industry and the Radio Network Industry.
The partnership does not stop there as Rittal continue to enjoy Ventech’s back up in their industrial engineering markets as well as the Data Communication Markets
Chris Thorpe
Rittal Limited

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wooshWoosh are developing a network in New Zealand and required a cabinet that was IP 65 rated and had an airflow system that would recycle the air warmed by equipment and exhausted when the cabinet was in over temperature. Woosh proposed to use the Rittal cabinets from Rittal Enclosure Systems. These needed to be modified to meet the Woosh requirements. After discussions with Rittal, Woosh was given Ventech systems as the Cabinet modifiers for both the walls and airflows. Whoosh required a cabinet that was IP 65 rated and had an airflow system that would recycle the air warmed by equipment and exhausted when the cabinet was in over temperature.

After much deliberation on Woosh’s requirements Ventech Systems provided a simple comprehensive air flow system for both hot and cold air circulation to keep the cabinets at a constant temperature using.
On completion and installation of these cabinets in various environments the airflow system provided by Ventech systems has been a success.
Where there is a need for future enclosure products Ventech Systems will be a preferred supplier of this type of airflow circulation system.

Tony Gardner
For Woosh Wireless Limited
Network Implementation
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Woosh Wireless Limited

wooshWoosh Wireless Limited purchased 5 outdoor telecommunication cabinets from Ventech systems in 2006 to support our wireless IP Trango network.

Four cabinets were designed and built for rural solar powered telecommunications sites.That housed 6 x 232 Ah batteries and associated telecommunications equipment.
One cabinet was designed and built for a rural mains powered telecommunications site. We consider our requirements for:

Corrosion resistant
These specifications were met by Ventech Systems. Woosh were very impressed by the design of the ventilation system and overall cabinet build.

Dan Beesley
Woosh Wireless Limited
Project Manager
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