About Us

Ventech Systems are precision engineers renowned for their quality and reliability. We specialise in industrial enclosure design and modifications including venting, enclosure modifications, seismic bracing, plinths, cable entries and IP rated windows. Our clients include leading aviation, telecommunications and security organisations.

After six years of research and development, Ventech Systems has fine tuned two innovative circulation and external venting systems. These temperature controlled stand alone enclosures are ideally suited for metropolitan and rural installations and currently operate in a variety of locations across New Zealand.

Our unique patented technology is essential when the reliability and protection of heat sensitive electronics, batteries and communications equipment are required.

Ventech Systems manufactures thermostatically controlled circulating and external ventilation units, designed specifically for stand alone industrial enclosures. Our enclosures are designed to withstand extreme weather and provide proven temperature control in varied conditions and do not require air conditioning or heat pumps to control the desired internal temperature. This equates to savings on capital outlay, maintenance and on going running costs, making Ventech Systems extremely versatile, economical and energy efficient. Our knowledge and cutting edge technology provides a wide range of enclosure solutions.

A key issue for our customers is maintaining or controlling the internal temperature of an enclosure. Ventech’s technology ensures the protection of sensitive and expensive electronic equipment and in particular batteries.

This unique patented technology is ideal for use in a variety of locations and conditions, including extreme cold.

Ventech Systems are recognized in the industrial and communications industries for quality and reliability. We also offer a wide range of services including seismic bracing, aisle containment, plinths, IP rated windows, fan & filter installations, cable entries and enclosure modifications.

Dennis Hill – Director

Dennis Hill has owned and managed businesses for most of his working career. Coming from an engineering background, Dennis found a niche market in the late 80’s in the form of engineering & mechanical work in the Wellington area. This led him to form a small engineering company which has been successful in its own right. With his design and manufacturing work within the IT enclosure industry, Dennis formed another company called Ventech Systems. Dennis currently runs both companies and enjoys all the fishing, hunting and outdoor activities that New Zealand has to offer.